Official髭男dism – Subtitle LYRICS in English

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Subtitle’ is a New English song sung by HIGEDAN, also composed by himself. Subtitle Lyrics are below:

Music byn/a
LabelYoutube – Official髭男dism

Subtitle Lyrics

The Sun for a frozen heart”
And “I’ll take that position for you”
I got stuck with such arrogant thoughts
Forgive me, just laugh at me

I realized how cruel and cold that overly-positive attitude could be
I guess what I wanted to give you is something more subtly hot

It’s not a whitewash, but something beautiful and unchanging
That’s something which makes inside warmer, rather than the surface
I do have an ideal though, I can’t find it anywhere in my heart

I wanted to convey, but I cannot – that irrationality now binds me tightly
Binds my timid self in every move

Words are likе snow crystals
Even though I want to gift them to you
The morе I try, the more the shape breaks, melts, and disappears

I can’t give up on shaking your heart
With the words I choose and the feelings I entrust there
Until love reaches you beyond “I love you”
Wait for me a little longer

Even though I’m standing next to you in thin clothes
I’m the kind who tend to sweat unnecessarily
That lukewarmness only hurts you no matter what I do

“The hotter the palm, the colder the heart, right?”
Don’t say such cruel things even if you’re joking
Say it if you wish to, but give me chance to turn it around even if I risk my life

Want to save = want to be saved
This equation is now starting to peel off gently
That tough self-defense and that pride which wraps excessively

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I want tenderness rather than the truth
And the person who can receive that tenderness shouldn’t be a group of people who are like decorative lights, but one and only YOU

I tried to repair the cracks with spoken words
But the curtains have been drawn because of too much heat I created
I someday would like to find the best words
After repeating failures, again, again, again

Words are like snow crystals
After gifting them to you
As time passed, they often became something that overflow, melt and disappear from the memory

But like the caption that is always attached to our stories
When looking back or suddenly paying attention
Something that thrills your heart
I would like to keep looking for such things
Until love reaches you beyond “I love you”
Wait for me a little longer

Even on a night frozen with sadness
When you don’t want any more words
I selfishly stand by your side, thinking about many things
And I stay even after snow is melted

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